Changing Times

A Look Back at Some Older Traditions

Fourth of July Celebration

Conantum once had its own Fourth of July celebration, with a parade, band, booths, games of chance, pony rides and picnic. After the Town of Concord began celebrating a 4th of July Picnic in the Park, Conantum’s fete was replaced with a summer picnic in June, with games and activities on the ball field.

Conantum Garden Club

Open to all community members as well as others in Concord for over 60 years,  the Conantum Garden Club was disbanded in 2017. The club had originally formed as community members began to explore landscaping possibilities for the original homes. Over the years, as home landscapes matured, it sponsored monthly meetings, arranged for speakers, and organized field trips. The bi-annual plant sale enabled gardeners, both new and experienced, to share those plants that flourished in the neighborhood. The club created holiday decorations in December and sponsored the Harvest Supper; activities now carried out by the larger community.

Harvest Supper Older Photos

The initial Harvest Supper was held in a local barn in 1952. In 1966 resident artists painted the barn walls. In 1977, the 25th annual supper was celebrated. When the original barn owners sold the property in 1982, they asked the new owners to continue to extend their hospitality to the Conantum neighborhood. They have graciously continued to do so, and at each Harvest Supper, the original owner returns to share in the festivities with the "new" barn owners and Conantum residents.

The Harvest Supper continues as a beloved event. Recent photos can be found in the events section.

50th Anniversary

In 2001, a volunteer committee organized a gala 50th anniversary celebration at the Concord Armory, inviting Conantum residents, past and present, and their adult children. Three hundred seventy-five people came. Among those gathered, twenty households—or nearly a fifth—were original settlers still in residence. One of the original architects came as well.





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