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How it Works

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In the early days, prospective residents met frequently, establishing committees to look into various aspects of life within the community and the town of Concord. They wrote by-laws and formed an elected board consisting of a president, vice president, clerk, treasurer, and two members-at-large. The board’s primary responsibility remains the stewardship of three large parcels of land that the residents hold in common. It also supports a variety of community events and projects carried out by neighborhood volunteers.

Since its inception, the board has levied dues to cover the cost of taxes, insurance and special events. In recent years the dues have hovered around $200 per year per household, an incredible bargain for the community amenities.

Membership in Conantum is deeded to every household in the original development. After construction was completed, land on Oxbow Road was purchased and several “post-Conantum” houses were built. The by-laws were revised to include those households as dues-paying Associate Members of the corporation, with all privileges except being able to serve on the board.

All members receive a monthly bulletin, may join the neighborhood private website and listserve, a well used community communication network, and have access to all of Conantum’s resources.

The monthly Kalmia Woods Bulletin has been published since the beginning, and one can look back to see a baby sitter charging 40¢ an hour (1954), constant requests throughout the years to pick up after dogs, and a steady flow of announcements and neighbors sharing with others.

With the advent of the Internet, resources now include the listserve as well. It is restricted to the community, and provides an opportunity for neighbors to share information, everything from requests for babysitters, to rides to local meetings, recommendations for plumbers or electricians, to photos of recent bird sightings. The Concord Free Public Library has a Conantum archive that provides extensive documentation on the history of Conantum, including a complete set of bulletins.

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