Common Land

Shared by All

The common land consists of several parcels, most connected by extensive trails and footpaths: a large open area with community gardens, baseball diamond and a meadow preserved as a habitat for birds and butterflies; tennis courts with a natural playground area; sledding hill; and a boat landing. When the weather is cold enough, neighbors skate on the river. By community vote, much of the common land has been placed under conservation restriction. A wide variety of woodland animals populate the area.

Community Gardens

One of the earliest amenities added to Conantum was the community garden near the ball field. This fenced garden area is divided into plots where neighbors grow everything from asparagus to zucchini and a profusion of flowers. An electric fence keeps critters out and a nearby stream provides irrigation. 

Walking Trails

Trails provide access to the river, conservation land and short-cuts throughout the neighborhood. Conantum boasts one of the most diverse collections of flora of any spot in Concord. This is attributed to three factors: the limestone composition of Martha’s Point overlooking the Sudbury river; the preference of householders for maintaining a natural setting; and the number of well-informed naturalists who actively protect rare plant life within the community.

Boat Landing

Residents of Conantum have access to a private boat landing located on the Sudbury River where they can leave a registered boat all year round. Turn right up the river to come upon Fairhaven Bay where the river opens allowing for breathtaking views of nature and wildlife. Go left down the river to the Sudbury Road bridge to see some fishermen. For a workout, continue past the bridge to the Old North Bridge where Concord’s history began. This area on the river provides quiet to enjoy the peace, fresh air, and wildlife.

The boat landing is a protected wetland, so it will continue to be a low-profile wooded area where residents register boats and receive a Conantum sticker allowing them to lock their boats to a secure cable. Unregistered boats are removed from the landing.

New to the landing in 2018 is a floating dock to improve the experience of getting in and out of the river at the landing. Happy Boating!

Ball Field

Located near the community gardens, the ball field has a grass baseball diamond and hosts the annual summer picnic, community garden pot-lucks, cookouts and family camp outs. Mowed regularly, the open field is available for informal Conantum events and use with board permission.

Kid's Zone

Recently a natural playscape was developed by the community. Located near the tennis courts, it provides a shaded area for youngsters to play creatively with natural elements. Giant logs, a double swing, a small slide and other features evoke wonder and unlock creative imagination. Due to occasional fairy sightings, miniature houses are sometimes built there for the use of the little people.

Tennis Courts

The community has three tennis courts and players occasionally organize round-robin events with some friendly competition. A small asphalt area with a basketball net and hockey goal is often used by families.

Sledding Hill

While the original developers may not have planned it, Conantum has the luxury of a small but steep hill that hosts children young and old for fresh powder sledding and the occasional ski or snowboard. Snow days might inspire the additional pleasure of hot chocolate and s’mores prepared over a portable fire pit.





Concord, MA, USA