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An active, involved, community, in Concord, Massachusetts.

The Neighborhood

Conantum was established in 1952 as a planned development of 103 homes on 190 wooded acres. More than sixty years later, Conantum’s active community reflects a neighborhood that has evolved while retaining its essential character.

Shared Ownership

50 of the 190 acres are devoted to common land including frontage along the Sudbury River. The original homes are variations on one basic design, with their natural surroundings well preserved.

Conantum’s amenities include tennis courts, a boat landing, ball field, and community gardens. Much of the common land remains in its natural state, with walking trails throughout.  

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Community Involvement

All are Invited

Conantum events include the Harvest Supper, holiday singing and open houses, a summer picnic, and a Halloween Parade along with many new and spontaneous events such as camp-outs and the recent eclipse viewing on the ball field; all of which help to create a strong sense of community.

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Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Designed by Carl Koch, the original houses included open floor plans, multi-level living and great views. The current houses are a mix of mid-century modern and contemporary homes.

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Our Town

Conantum is located in Concord, MA, bounded by the Sudbury River, and Sudbury and Garfield Roads. It is conveniently located only a mile from Route 2 with easy access to Cambridge (15 miles) and Boston (20 miles). 

Concord’s two stations on the Fitchburg commuter rail line provide alternatives for access to both Cambridge and Boston.

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Concord, MA, USA